“When it feels like you are being buried, you are really being planted.” – Pastor Steven Trint

Celebration, Pruning & A Call to Prayer

January, 2024

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, this year has been full of challenges. This is a “year in review” and while the purpose is not to focus on all of our struggles, I want to be transparent about them. We have experienced health issues, students and teachers leaving our schools and mounting financial struggles while we rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many months we didn’t know how we would make it. The difference we are trying to make is a struggle and there is no clear roadmap for the work we are doing.

And yet, we can celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness to us. By His grace we have made it through. Trust me when I say without the generosity and prayers of so many of our wonderful partners (you) we wouldn’t still be here.

It’s true every year has had it’s challenges, but this past year has brought about unique struggles. We have tried to respond with, “Okay God, is there something You are wanting us to learn?” Pastor Steve says he keeps a quote close to his heart which says, “When it feels like you are being buried, you are really being planted.” With that mindset we have been looking for the lessons, and even still the “pruning” He is wanting to do to us as an organization and ministry to prepare for future growth. It is because of this mindset shift that we feel we have been called to prayer. So we are asking you, our partners to join us to pray. Moving into this new year there is a clearer understanding that we will only make it if we are lifted up and covered in prayer. Will you join us?



We educated 1,387 students at our 4 campuses this year.
Out of these students, 980 students were in elementary school, 407 were high school students.


We had 95 students accept Jesus to be their personal Lord and Savior this year. Some was through the work of missions, others were through discipleship of teachers and other school staff.


100% of students passed their national exams in 2022. While National exam results for this year have not been released, we are please to report that ALL grade levels passed last year. 


Our elementary won their regional and district trophy for soccer and netball (similar to basketball). Also, our high school won their regional and district national trophy for boys’ soccer and netball tournament.


We served over 3 meals daily to our students and staff all year. Between all 4 campuses, and all 3 school terms, that’s almost 1 million individual meals served. 


This July we celebrated 185 students who graduated from
5 different disciplines. Out of those graduates, over 100 students received certificates from Discipleship training and other vocations such as Hairdressing, Tailoring, Automechanics and Construction.


This past year Yaaka Afrika had many opportunities for individuals to travel to Uganda to serve on a short-term mission. We love taking new team members to Uganda to see first hand the work that God is doing in the regions where we serve. They also get to experience the joy or serving alongside the people of Uganda. This year we were blessed to take 3 mission teams to Uganda!

See Highlights from

Center of praise mission spring 2023

See Highlights from

Bridgeway Mission Summer 2023

See Highlights from

Medical mission fall 2023

A Ministry Partner of Yaaka Afrika

Nicholus and Gabby currently care for 51 students at their home in the remote town of Kikyusa, Uganda. This year they were able to open the doors to Wonder Afrika Academy, the new elementary school they have built to serve the educational needs of their children and the surrounding community. They had 79 students in attendance this first year, 40 of which were from the area.

The $37,842 difference between contributions and expenses is being applied towards program expenses in 2024.

What’s Happening in 2024?

As we look forward to this year, here are some of the initiatives and plans we are most excited about in 2024!


The more we want to move towards improving, it’s evident that we need to grow our team. We don’t yet have the resources to hire more staff, but we are moving forward in prayer believing God will provide. In order to keep better connected to our partners, this year we moving Nikki to a new role as Partner Care Coordinator. Her sole purpose is to keep up with relationships between our partners and students. She will be working directly with our admin in Uganda to make sure our students are cared for, and that they are building a relationship with our partners.


Starting in February, our friend and long time partner of Yaaka (Valerie Lehrer) will be going over to Uganda for 6 months to intern at our schools. Her main focus is to be working with our admin in Uganda (Kyakuwa) to help improve our processes for capturing updates such as videos and letters and to make sure we are strengthening the relationship between students and our partners.


We are planning to take 3 mission teams, 1 in the Spring, 1 in the Summer and a medical mission in the Fall. This is exciting for us, as it always brings new partners and friends to the ministry. Every mission is different, and we are looking forward to what God has in store this year!


This year we are improving our communication with you our partners through more regular newsletters, videos and letters from your sponsored student(s). We are wanting to highlight our incredible students, their stories and how education has had a transformative impact on their lives and their future.


We are being led to focus on prayer as a vital part of our ministry, so with that we will be doing a better job sharing more of our ministry needs and tangible ways you can be lifting our ministry up in prayer. We believe prayer will change this ministry, so we are looking forward to what God is going to do in 2024!

Your Yaaka Afrika Team


 Pastor / Uganda Director

Mindy Peña

Treasurer / Board Member

Nikki McInturf

Partner Care Coordinator

Josh Greenacre

Board Member

Mitch Andrews

Board Member

Kyakuwa Trint

Uganda Admin

Sarah Smith

Account Coordinator

Nathan McInturf

U.S. Director