Uganda Medical mission 2023

Dec 12, 2023

Last month we returned from our 1st medical mission in Uganda. We conducted a 4 day medical camp in the village of Toggo. Over the 4 day period we were able to serve over 2,000 patients. This was made possible through the partnership of Nathanael White, a medical professional with a passion to serve our communities and schools through providing medical care. Nathanael not only fundraised to be able to purchase supplies for our camps, but worked in partnership with Pastor Steve and Dr. Timothy, a local Ugandan doctor whose team was instrumental in conducting the camp.

Nathanael is seen here with Pastor Steve before the medical clinic started. Dr. Timothy is standing here with a new digital stethoscope that was donated for his medical clinic. Our first day of the clinic you can see Nathanael stocking all the medicines to prepare for patients.

One key element to health is education, so we held daily health classes being conducted for those patients waiting to be seen.

Due to a generous donation Nathanael was able to secure, we were able to provide screenings for many patients through an ultra sound machine. This is a service typically very expensive and unavailable in many parts of Uganda.

In addition we were able to provide care in many different areas including optometry, dental, testing and medication.

Being given the opportunity to serve people when they are the most vulnerable was a huge privilege and responsibility. You feel a sense of connection to each person, and can begin to see why so much of Jesus’ ministry was focused on healing.

The need for care was overwhelming. By the third day, more and more people had heard about the clinic and traveled very far (4-5 hours) to be seen. By the grace of God, by the end of the fourth day we had seen everyone who had come for treatment.

The team functioned well, both collectively as well as in their independent roles. It was a healthy partnership between the Americans, the local school staff, and a nearby medical clinic.

There were many life saving procedures that were conducted. Some patients needed follow up treatment, so Dr. Timothy worked to make sure they received the care they needed.

The medical camp was actually featured on national Ugandan news. It was great promotion for the work we are doing and good publicity for the schools.

After our clinic we took some much needed rest and traveled to our school in Gomba and Wonder Afrika to meet with the staff and discuss opportunities to bring future medical camps to their region.

In addition we also visited Dr. Timothy’s medical clinic to better learn how they operate, what needs they have and to follow up on some of the patients we had treated in our medical camp.

We’ve created a short video highlight of our 4 day medical clinic. If you’d like to see additional photo from our medical clinic you can click below.

medical mission interest

This medical camp was a first step in our long term goal of providing medical mission opportunities. If you are a medical profession or would just be interested in going on a future medical mission, we’ve created a sign-up form below.

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