Kids are selected based on their need. If a student is determined to be able to pay school fees, this is an expectation. Our admins interview the student and parents to make a determination based on their circumstances as well as the attitude of the student and parents. For example, if the student wants to attend school, but the parents are very opposed to it, often times we won’t permit a student to go to school because that student does not have the support of their parents.

In terms of accountability, each student is expected to meet a certain criteria in terms of grades and behavior. This is a baseline expectation for all students. Once a student receives a sponsorship to remain in school, they are given additional information about what is expected of them in terms of communicating with their sponsor, and working hard to make the most of their education. For the student, knowing someone is support them individually in their education is incredibly encouraging and makes the student want to perform all the more.