Toggo Schools Have ReOpened (partially)

Dec 18, 2020

We are excited to announce that our schools have recently opened and have re-enrolled many of our students for a new term. Because of the faithful support of all of our partners during this difficult season, we were able to make the necessary COVID-19 preparations required by the government in order to reopen. Unfortunately, most of the country is is not going to be able to open until sometime next year. Many schools, including government schools don’t have enough funding to make the preparations and have been forced to stay closed.

Not all grades are allowed back yet, only the upper (graduating) grades. This is what is allowed according to the government guidelines. For Toggo High Senior 4 and 5 has opened up. For TICC, P7 (similar to 7th grade) is the only class that has started back up. However, there are talks of potentially opening the lower grades as soon as January.

Unfortunately, our smallest school in Gomba (located several hours away, pictured below) has not been given the clearance to re-open as the requirements for the school will force us to add more facilities and re-build the classroom blocks to be made as permanent structures. We will be sharing more in the coming weeks about the needs of the school and how you can partner with us to re-open the campus.