Recent Accolades:

Girls 3 year winning streak for netball (Division: Nakaseke District)

Boys defending 1 year champions for futbol (Division: Nakaseke District)

National Games for boys in netball (16th in country)

Team qualified in National Selections for Boys and ran 1000m

Toggo High vocational school

Toggo High Vocational School started in 2016 with just 40 students. Each year, students from our primary school (TICC) graduate and move up to this secondary school program. As our numbers continue to grow, so does growth and development of the campus. Students in Toggo High have to take a rigorous 2 year Disciple class to deepen their understanding of the Bible. In addition, they learn skills to prepare them to go onto university and each student is also required to learn a trade so they can immediately get a job if they don’t intend to go onto university.

School Population

Students enrolled: 272
Number of Boarders: 154
Number of teachers: 25
Number of Total Classrooms: 6
Average students per class: 60


Senior 1 – Senior 6

This is the equivalent of a high school grade program in the United States as well providing a vocational training. The advanced level classes Senior 5 – Senior 6 provide classes in preparation for university and advanced vocational certificates.


• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Mathematics
• History
• Geography
• Commerce
• Agriculture
• Entrepreneurship
• Art
• Computers
• Luganda
• Swihili
• Literature & English
• English
• Christian Religious Education

spiritual development

In addition to having high-academic standards, disciplining our students to be followers of Jesus Christ is at the heart of what we do:

  • Students have morning and evening prayer times
  • Residential Pastor on campus
  • Sunday services students are required to attend
  • religious education (Christianity) is part of core curriculum
  • Bible study classes are also taken to help apply their knowledge of the Bible
  • Prayer and fasting every Wednesday
  • All school evangelistic assembly every Friday

In addition to regular discipleship activities, all students at Toggo High must take a 2 year Discipleship Course that covers 33 Christian theological topics.


There are 4 vocations that students choose to study while at Toggo High:

  • Construction
  • Cosmetology
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Tailoring


  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Store for students

As we complete construction of our campus, our list of facilities for students will grow.


School Opened: February, 2016 with 40 students