Yaaka Afrika is a U.S. registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in good standing with the IRS. We are committed to professionalism and financial transparency.

The donation categories used on this web site and/or in accompanying print materials are representative of some of the many needs we have as we grow a sustainability focused Ugandan school. Accordingly, while we make every effort to track your donation and implement your donation on behalf of those you intended to serve, Yaaka Afrika, with the full oversight of our Board of Directors hereby reserve the right to use your donation “where needed most”, as programmatic timing and needs change due to unforeseen circumstances. In general, 80% of all donations made to Yaaka Afrika are designated toward the program it was intended, with 20% going towards administrative costs.

By donating, you hereby expressly give Yaaka Afrika this authority regarding your contribution. Thank you for your kind support of our work and for understanding our intention to make the best use of your gift to help give a better life to a child in Uganda!


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