Make Room for 1 More

We’re counting on your incredible love and generosity to help us ensure that one more child can return to school this January! Unfortunately, some won’t be able to join them due to a lack of sponsorship. This is where your support becomes crucial once again! We need your support to provide another child with the opportunity to learn, grow, and chase their dreams.

Our Goal is to send 30 kids to school in 60 days!








We are on a mission to transform the lives of children in Uganda through education. We believe that every child deserves access to quality learning opportunities, and with your support, we’ve already achieved some incredible milestones.

This is Samuel Yiga

Samuel was top of his class in elementary school. His mother worked hard to help pay his school fees so he could attend class. Suddenly she passed away, leaving Samuel and his 4 siblings as orphans. Not only that, but Samuel no longer had any way to pay his school fees and he was just about to enroll in high school. One of our incredible partners Ashley stepped up and she decided to sponsor Samuel! Within a week he had all his school supplies and was starting class! He dreams of someday becoming a physician to help others in need. As his sponsor, Ashley is helping his dreams to come true!

Help us make room for more students just like Samuel!






Our Goal is to send 30 kids to school this Fall!


Christian Education

Education has the power to change lives. In Uganda, we see this especially well. We offer a rigorous program for our students, and our schools are national ranked for their performance. In addition, learning about the gospel and the love of Jesus is essential. Here they are not only taught the Bible, but taught what it means.

Meals and On
Campus Housing

We provide on campus housing for all students who need it. Whether they are an orphan or live very far from school. Our dormitories also include a full time staff person who watches over and cares for the students. Meals are provided for all students while at school, whether you live in our dorms or off-campus.

Vocational Training
& Certificate

When our students enroll in our schools, they are required to choose a vocation to study. This ensures they learn a basic viable skill to support themselve, no matter what other learning or career path they may pursue. They earn a basic, then advanced certificate the longer they stay in our program.



One of the hardest parts to communicate from such a great distance is how these students are just as real as your own children. Yes, there are some cultural differences but they are every bit as loving, playful, hardworking, sometimes mischievous and fun to be around as kids in the USA. In the same way we value education in America, we are working hard to instill value in education in Uganda. Many young people now can understand that a good education is key to having a better life, even if their parents don’t yet see it. Where our schools are located is very rural, and most are subsistence farmers who have no reference point for why their students need to be educated. Sponsorship means education, and education means more opportunities for them to provide for and make a better life for themselves.

Yes! We would love for you to come on one of our missions to Uganda. You would be able to visit with and spend substantial time getting to know your sponsored student(s). We typically travel in the Spring or Summer, and sometimes again in the Winter. Check out our missions page to see when we are going next.

The commitment is flexible based on your need. You can cancel at any time. Ideally, we would like you to support your student all the way through until they graduate from our high school program. So how long depends entirely on how old your student is at the time you sign-up to sponsor them. The average age of a student graduating secondary school often is the same as students in the USA, but sometimes students can be older as graduating and progressing in school is based on your performance and not just your age.

Your monthly sponsorship means that everything a student needs to go to school will be provided for them. In addition to covering their school fees and daily meals while at school, an administrator will determine if the student has any additional needs such as scholastic materials, uniform, etc. and make sure they are provided for.

God gave the vision to Pastor Steve to serve the children of the small village of Toggo, in Uganda East Africa. Following the model of Jesus as he ministered to others, he not only preached to them the gospel but met their physical needs by feeding them. In the same way, we are meeting the tangible needs of the next generation of Ugandans by educating them while they are being taught about the love of God. In addition, we’ve seen that by reaching to care for children, you are also able to reach their parents, and the surrounding community.

Can’t sponsor but still want to help?

Every dollar given helps a student. You can always make a 1 time donation to our Emergency Scholarship Fund!