It’s easy for us to get caught up in the “doing” and forget to bring our needs to God. We must remind ourselves that ALL things are accomplished through the Lord. We have seen incredible change in our communities as a result of God’s provision and healing hand. Thank you for partnering with us to lift up some of the current prayer needs we have.

Pray for valerie, our new intern

February, 2024

Some of you know Valerie because she has been so active in missions and serving at church for so many years, but she is embarking on a 6 month mission to work as an intern for us from February to August! Please pray for protection, guidance and success in all the projects she is a part of. 

Pray for students to return to school this year

February, 2024

We have already heard that many of the students have not returned for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the circumstances please pray that our students would return to school this new school year.  

Pray for our funding shortfall

February, 2024

For a variety of factors, we are struggling financially. It has become very serious, and we know only God can bring us back to a place of financial stability. Please pray for increased provision and financial blessing.

Pray for increased partners

February, 2024

Please pray for increased opportunities to spread the vision and mission of Yaaka Afrika to more potential partners. We are specifically praying for God to open the door to more church partnerships.

provision for remaining funds to complete Toggo High


As we continue to build out the campus for Toggo High, we are still in need of funds to complete construction on several essential buildings and amenities. Please pray for God to provide the remaining funds needed to be able to complete our campus.

Pray for an increase in private student funding


As Toggo High has grown, we have become nationally ranked both in sports and academics. Our chemistry class was ranked 2nd in the nation last year. This has lead to more interest in Toggo High. We are trying to bring in more private students to our school as it will help offset the costs we take on with our students who cannot pay their school fees. 

Pray for our recently graduated students

JULY, 2023

As our senior students have graduated and left school, please pray for them as they move on to other things God has in store for them. Pray for safety, provision and wisdom as they begin this next phase of their life.