God is at work moving in and through our schools. We continue to see transformation through education, and our schools are continuing to make an impact in the local communities and abroad. Click to learn more about each one of our schools.

Toggo International Children’s Centre (TICC)

Construction started in 2008 on our campus for primary education P1-P7, similar to elementary through junior high in the USA. Today it has about 800 students in attendance. Many of those students live on campus at our boarding facilities.

Toggo High Vocational School (THVS)

THVS started in 2016 with just 40 students. Each year, students from our primary school (TICC) graduate and move up to this secondary school program. As our numbers continue to grow, so does growth and development of the campus.

Early childhood development (ECD)

In May, 2010 Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) started teaching the smallest of students in the village of Toggo. Originally a part of the TICC school campus, once the school expanded ECD was able to have their own facilities and classrooms just across the road from TICC.

Gomba International children’s centre (GICC)

In 2012 GICC opened to a small group of students in a very remote village to begin educating them in elementary education. Though several hours from our primary campuses in Toggo, produces some our highest performing students.