New Well at Toggo High

Jul 31, 2019

Toggo High recently completed a new well for the students at Toggo High. This became necessary because the local wells run dry during some seasons, and students have to travel off-campus to get access to clean water.

This well was dug by hand (no machines) about 30 feet deep. Ultimately, the school has plans to drill a much deeper well to provide water to all of our nearby schools.

Toggo has suffered a great deal from drought in the last few years, resulting wells running dry during different parts of the year. We are very grateful to the laborers who helped make this well a reality for the students at Toggo High.

Our schools have also helped to provide more clean water access for our community. They recently lobbied to get several more community wells put in. Below is another well that is also being dug just down the road from our schools.