join our scholarship program

By far our greatest need, only about 60% of our students are sponsored. The funds we have available are used to try and cover the needs of the entire school. Any contribution towards sponsorship would make a significant impact.

Below are just a few of the ways you can partner with us to support the work that is happening in Uganda. We continue to see transformation through education, and our schools are continuing to make an impact in local communities and abroad.

Toggo high campus completion

We are currently in the process of raising funds to complete our campus facilities so our students can finish their studies and receive their trade certificates or go on to university. 

Student Medical Needs

This fund helps pay for critical care for students with medical needs when families aren’t able to afford treatment.


These last several years the region where are schools are have seen severe drought. We have begun researching and raising funds to put in a large deep water well that would be able to adequately supply clean, drinkable water to all of our schools in Toggo.


Nicholus and Gabby are starting a children’s home to support and care for their 50 children. They have purchased land and are in the process of constructing a home, school and medical clinic to serve the children and surrounding community.


Throughout the year we have various needs and shortages that arise. This fund helps cover those needs and uses your donation for where it’s needed the most.