We have been building out our classroom facilities for the Toggo High campus all year, and the 1 building that is critical now for us to complete is our science lab. Please consider helping us get enough funding to be able to get our lab built in time.

GOAL: December 31, 2020 | $35,200

Discussing the Need for a new home

Nicholus and Gabby have big hearts, and have not turned a blind eye to the needs in their community. In response, they have adopted many of the children who are living on their streets. They are either orphans or have been completely abandoned by their families. Nicholus discusses the need to build a home to accomodate up to 120 children.

Why is a lab so critical now?

This will serve not only as a lab for our students, but allows us to meet the final requirements to be able to host national exams for our students on our own campus. Traveling for national exams each year is very difficult, as accommodations are often poor and make it hard for our students to focus on performing well on their exams. This will not only help our students to score better on their exams, it will save the school considerable amount of funds each year.

Breakdown of Costs

In terms of cost, the building has already been constructed. However, we need to build walls to partition the lab as well as plumb in the proper piping.

Materials and Labor Cost: $12,577
Equipment and Chemicals Cost: $22,623

TOTAL COST: $35,200