Building a Team in Uganda

Jul 3, 2024

One of the challenges we have as a ministry based in the USA is that we don’t often have an easy way to connect directly with the students at our schools in Uganda. Our local staff is busy operating the school and teaching our students, so we have had to hire a separate administrator in Uganda to help facilitate communication and connection. While on the surface this sounds simple enough, training a Ugandan to work and communicate on projects and timelines like an American is harder than it seems. We have regular touch base meetings and work on our processes several times a year when we go to Uganda, but over time we have found that the challenges and the demands of this administrator position to be bigger than we anticipated.

Earlier this year we announced that we would be having Valerie, a long time partner of Yaaka Afrika go over to Uganda for a 6 month internship to work with our Ugandan administrator (Kyakuwa) to improve communication and how we manage our sponsorships locally.

Valerie went over to Uganda in February, and has been making great progress with our team and improving how we work with the school administrators and students. In addition since February, the school hired an additional local Ugandan administrator (Christine) to join our team. She has been a part of Toggo High for several years and has good ties with the students and their families. Below is a photo of the team (left to right: Valerie, Kyakuwa and Christine) working on projects at Toggo High.

Valerie is serving as an intern for Yaaka Afrika, doing incredible full time work without pay. We have just been trying to cover her expenses. We would love to bless her for her time, and have started a fundraiser for her. If you would like to contribute something to thank her for the great work she is doing, please make a donation here.

In addition, Nikki McInturf is also stepping into the role of Partner Care Coordinator to better facilitate communication with our partners here in the USA. Many of you may have received videos and letters from her regarding your student. You can see in the picture below the team in Uganda on a weekly video call to the team in the USA discussing students and projects.

As we have built a team this year, we have really learned that moving forward this job is just too big for one administrator. Valerie is doing a great job training and setting up processes, but it is clear we will need to hire additional support for after she returns to the USA.

Right now Valerie was supposed to stay until August, but has decided to extend her stay until November in order to finish out the school year with the students and make sure she has time to train a new hire we are hoping to bring on in a few months.

Living overseas in another country is challenging, so we would ask for your prayers to continue to protect her and the work she is doing there. Also, if you would like to support Valerie please consider making a donation below.